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Valentine's Day
Minnie Is My Valentine
kingdomkeyd wrote in thehouseofmouse
Hi there everybody! It's Valentine's Day at the House of Mouse!

So grab your sweetie and give 'em a snug. Maybe even a smooch, because today is the best day to do it. And even if you don't have a Valentine, look out, because there's a chance Cupid may catch up to ya! Remember to try the delicious chocolates we have out, and if you want to try a dance. We have the floor open for you to serenade your love to sweet melodies we're going to be playing tonight!

Wish you the very best of love and happiness on this day and through out the year!

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[Have a Cheshire floating over to you Alice, grinning from ear to ear as usual.]

My my, such a lovely dress dear Alice. It fits you so well~.

Cheshire Puss! A Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

{But then his speech sinks in. Alice was predisposed to be cheerful at such an event—gatherings here seem to be (in general) far more enjoyable than the dinner-parties & such she attends in England—she cannot let this go, however.}

Honestly! You really oughtn't make such a personal remark—especially to a young lady!

{She colours a bit in embarrassment.}

Compliments should be spoken rather then kept to themselves I do believe. However would one know how truly one thinks of the other after all~?

[Floatin upside down, delicately.]

Is that why you haven't commented of my lovely fur coat, I wonder.

It depends upon the nature of the compliment.

{She attempts to turn her head to meet his eyes, then decides there probably isn't any use—for all she knows, he might go invisible in the next second.}

If you're going to go about fishing for compliments ... {She shakes her head with a slight giggle.}

Your coat is quite lovely, dear Cheshire—all stripey and purple as it is. {It also appears so very soft, but that might be overstepping boundaries—& Cats of course have claws.}

I'm comfortable of whatever nature either way... Winter, Summer, though I have the most fun in the spring.

[Chuckles with her.]

Oho, you should know my dear. That us cats, are quite fond of fishing. I would be surprised to find one that isn't.

[Gives a purr.]

There you are, now that is nice compliment indeed~ You are allowed to pet it if you wish too.

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