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Valentine's Day
Minnie Is My Valentine
kingdomkeyd wrote in thehouseofmouse
Hi there everybody! It's Valentine's Day at the House of Mouse!

So grab your sweetie and give 'em a snug. Maybe even a smooch, because today is the best day to do it. And even if you don't have a Valentine, look out, because there's a chance Cupid may catch up to ya! Remember to try the delicious chocolates we have out, and if you want to try a dance. We have the floor open for you to serenade your love to sweet melodies we're going to be playing tonight!

Wish you the very best of love and happiness on this day and through out the year!

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{St Valentine's Day!

For now, Alice is taking in the decorations, watching the dancing couples, & contemplating heading over to the refreshments table where she had seen a bowl of rather delicious-looking chocolates.

In honour of the holiday, she is not wearing her usual blues and plums; instead, she'd chosen a rose-coloured gown—and may be slightly more beribboned than usual.}


[Hatter is coming up to her with a mug of hot cocoa, it has little heart shaped marshmellows.]

Gehee! Lovely to see you my dear, Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr Hatter.

{She smiles at him, then notices his mug of hot chocolate.}

Ooh, are those marshmallows?

{Do excuse her incredulity, Mr Hatter—she's generally only accustomed to having marshmallows as a special treat around Christmastime}

Oooo yes! I found it to a be delicious addition to this treat.

[Chuckles to himself.]

After all, what goes better with chocolate than marshmallows?... Wait... Perhaps this needs raspberry instead.

[Scratches head.]

Chocolate, marshmallow, and raspberry? Oh, that sounds positively decadent!

Or perhaps peppermint instead of the raspberry?

{She considers this a space.}

I find I rather fancy a hot chocolate myself—though I must say I'm quite surprised to see you abandoning tea for the evening ...

{Could this last bit have been said in a slightly teasing manner? It's quite possible.}

Peppermint instead of chocolate, ooooo, that does sound frabjous!

[Looks down at his mug, in complete surprise.]

You mean this ISN'T tea?! Someone has tricked me!

I'd meant peppermint with the chocolate & marshmallow. I'm not sure how well peppermint would go with raspberry—I don't think it would suit.

It is hot chocolate, is it not? As such, it couldn't be tea— did you not note the difference between the pots? A chocolate pot is always taller than a teapot. {Well, in England. Wonderlandian teapots come in far more shapes & sizes!}

Although I suppose chocolate tea might very well exist—by virtue of it being tea it would most likely be hot and therefore a sort of hot chocolate ... but different nonetheless.

Would you rather have proper tea? I'm sure some is about.

{{OOC: And I must away to bed as I have to be at work far too early in the mornings (well, I suppose it isn't terribly early, but I do have to set my alarmclock far earlier than I'd like & I'm much more of a night owl than a morning person to begin with. Anyway). I shall try to reply back tomorrow evening if I can't get a quick reply in tomorrow morning. <3}}

We could make them fit!

[The Hatter stuck out his tongue, now keeping his eye out for any fruit that may be lying about. He held grabbed one of vines of grapes in a bowl nearby.]

How about grapes? Wait no, no no! That's just terrible!

[Throws it back in the bowl absentmindedly.]

Simply horrendous!

[Looks at Alice about the different styles of pots, with large eyes.]

Should there be a difference for such a thing? I'd say you're going to make a hot chocolate in a special pot then it should be labeled what it is, so it wouldn't be something that isn't! Though I always prefer tea over anything else, and even would care more for chocolate tea than hot cocoa!

[Suddenly a jump of the idea.]

THAT'S IT! We shall make chocolate tea, at once!

[Takes Alice by the arm.]

Come come! Much work to be done then!

((OOC: LOL, I'm more of night owl person myself. xD Oh! Do you have a plurk account? I'm always on that one if ever wanna chat. :3))

No, I don't think grapes would go well with chocolate—with cheese, yes but ... {Alice trails off & then looks at the Hatter with dismay} Don't put them back in the bowl! You've touched them!

{Is steered by a Hatter as he glees over the prospects of chocolate tea}

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful idea! I do believe I saw chocolates about ...

That's just how it's done, I suppose. Chocolate pots are taller and narrower than teapots (I suppose coffeepots are as well), so one knows that they will contain chocolate and not tea.

{She continues on as they search for the makings of chocolate tea}

Now chocolate tea would presumably be more tea than chocolate, so it would be made in a teapot. It might, however, then surprise someone who thought they would be receiving regular tea ... Hmm, perhaps a label might be in order—or at the very least, a declaration of the teapot's contents ...

{{OOC: I do not have a Plurk account—I'm pretty much always signed onto AIM/iChat, however (usually lurking behind away messages). ^_^ Unfortunately, I really ought to go to bed now—I didn't get much sleep last night. Goodnight!}}

Well teapots always come in different shapes from I've seen. So I bet you if anything the chocolate pot is just a teapot in denial of what it's suppose to be.

Though I am not one to judge such things, I am not a teapot after all!

[Walks with Alice arm and arm around the place in search of someplace to heat up some Tea.]

Labels are always good to read, but sometimes you mustin' listen what they always have to say. For it could be something you regret.

((OOC: Lol, I'll keep that in mind then. xD Night!))

Or perhaps a chocolate pot really wishes to hold tea but no-one will let it?

Of course not—but I daresay you'd give most tea-kettles a bit of competition for most tea brewed!

{Here Alice completely fails at not giggling.}

True ... and sometimes labels can be misleading.

{She's quite glad she decided to come to the party, as she's having a rather pleasant time.}

{{OOC: I nearly have the Dormouse's journal ready. I'm working on icons & have a layout picked out—I just need to decide on a username! ^_^}}

Oh my gosh! That poor poor pot, to succumb such a fate as to only serve chocolate all the time. Why it must get a stomach ache the dear thing! Not to worry though, the case is on me!

[They arrived in one of the near by kitchens where there was stove. He immediately takes out one of the tea kettles that were near by and filled it with water to heat up.]

There we are! And we shall have chocolate tea soon.

[Something catches his ear from the music playing outside.]

Ah~! That tune! I know that one~.

[Turns to Alice with a slight bow.]

A dance my dear? One ought to do it, to this song at least!

((OOC: *squees with excitement* 8D))

Unfortunately, I shouldn't think most people ask pots what they would like to hold. I'm sure the teapot population will be most content you're looking out for them, however.

{And this is certainly a conversation Alice never thought she would have. Of course, she really ought not be surprised ...}

Ah, here is the chocolate. {She had been rummaging about in her reticule. The pieces are wrapped hearts, yes, but which table had they come from?}

Now we simply need a teapot and tea ... oh my! {Upon opening a set of cabinets, Alice had found all manner of shapes & sizes of teapots! Gleeing over the variety, she selects a strawberry-shaped pot and places it on the countertop near the stove before Mr Hatter asks her to dance.}

I believe we might be a few lobsters short, Mr Hatter.

{A bit of a smile, then she curtseys and takes his hand}

{{OOC: EEEE! I don't think I'd heard that version before! How I heart the Lobster Quadrille. ^_^ ::glees at the squee:: Also, I saw chocolate tea at a grocery store this weekend—it made me quite happy. ^_^}}

Oh! Well I can fix that!

[Rushing over to the chocolate wrapped hearts and picked up two pieces. Kept one for himself and gave one to Alice.]

These can be our lobsters! They're kinda red like them too, aren't they?

[He chuckled as he took Alice's hand in the dance. He continued to ballroom dance with her across little space they had in the kitchen. Twirling her with ease and coming back to the Lobster Quadrille.]

Now are we ready to throw our lobsters in the air, Alice?

[He already took out his piece and tosses it into the air, then catching it with goofy grin.]

((OOC: It's really pretty isn't it? <3 It's beautiful and fun song. Ah yes! I got some white chocolate tea from the grocery store too recently. :D))

{She really is having a splendid time & laughs as the Hatter hands her a chocolate-heart-lobster-substitute}

They're certainly far less likely to pinch than the proper sort!

{She twirls about with the Hatter as the music continues, suppressing an unladylike snort at at the thought of Mother's countenance were she to see Alice dancing alone, in a kitchen of all places, with a haberdasher of questionable sanity. Not wishing to dwell on such things, she turns her mind back to the dance.}

Oh, balls at home would be far more delightful if they played such music! I'm afraid one would be thought of as quite mad for mentioning dancing lobsters and porpoises.

Oh, but do be careful! {As the Hatter tosses his chocolate in the air} If we lose them we'll have to find more—and it would be a terrible thing to lose chocolate.

{She tosses hers in turn and manages to catch it—barely}

{{OOC: It is! I'd forgotten I had an unopened container of chocolate-strawberry tea from Christmas, so I thought I'd have a cuppa! Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as strawberry/chocolatey as it smells, but it's still delicious! ^_^ Will you be online later this evening? I'd love to do something on the Breakfastverse comm—though not at the expense of this thread, for it is full of adorable. Also, iconlove!}}

[Have a Cheshire floating over to you Alice, grinning from ear to ear as usual.]

My my, such a lovely dress dear Alice. It fits you so well~.

Cheshire Puss! A Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

{But then his speech sinks in. Alice was predisposed to be cheerful at such an event—gatherings here seem to be (in general) far more enjoyable than the dinner-parties & such she attends in England—she cannot let this go, however.}

Honestly! You really oughtn't make such a personal remark—especially to a young lady!

{She colours a bit in embarrassment.}

Compliments should be spoken rather then kept to themselves I do believe. However would one know how truly one thinks of the other after all~?

[Floatin upside down, delicately.]

Is that why you haven't commented of my lovely fur coat, I wonder.

It depends upon the nature of the compliment.

{She attempts to turn her head to meet his eyes, then decides there probably isn't any use—for all she knows, he might go invisible in the next second.}

If you're going to go about fishing for compliments ... {She shakes her head with a slight giggle.}

Your coat is quite lovely, dear Cheshire—all stripey and purple as it is. {It also appears so very soft, but that might be overstepping boundaries—& Cats of course have claws.}

I'm comfortable of whatever nature either way... Winter, Summer, though I have the most fun in the spring.

[Chuckles with her.]

Oho, you should know my dear. That us cats, are quite fond of fishing. I would be surprised to find one that isn't.

[Gives a purr.]

There you are, now that is nice compliment indeed~ You are allowed to pet it if you wish too.

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