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Someone needs a bit of a cheering-up
sigh, resigned, patience, tired
Alice knew she really ought not complain. After all, her family was fairly prominent in Oxford and as such she had opportunities not afforded to young ladies with lower social standing.

Conversely, her Presentation last month had put her on the "marriage market"—to use the somewhat vulgar phrase—and lately Alice's life has seemed to be nothing more than an endless set of balls and soirees, cloying acquaintances and fortune-hunting mothers, prospective suitors (generally quite dull) and a parade of manor-houses.

Really, Alice just wanted a bit of a respite from it all. She'd considered the cafe at World's End, but the preponderance of supernatural types often made things uncomfortable. And of course, Wonderland was hardly a restful sort of place (even if she attempted to hide in her cottage). As such, she had decided on the House of Mouse—perhaps it wasn't as quiet as her bedchamber or the gardens, but at least it was away from the Deanery.

Presently, Alice has ensconced herself in a quiet (for now) corner of the dining area with a cup of tea and is pondering the choices on the dessert menu.

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Flamey Ice Creams Are Magically Delicious
Ice Cream! 8D
[Lea ordered a Bueno Volcano ice cream, just to test his taste buds. After all, last time he had a hot ice cream, he couldn't handle it. But maybe he can handle this one. Lea already convinced himself he needed to build up an immunity to spice any way.

Once one of the penguins brought it over and Lea dipped his spoon into the Bueno Volcano, and tasted it. He breathed and waved his hand over his tongue.]

Aw man, that's great! Real spicey! Not as bad as that one I tried with Axel but... I gotta have my tongue prepared for next time!
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OOC Post! {Easter egg meme at charloft_rpg}
OOC: no tea (sadface)
Come see which egg I ate at the EASTER EGG MEME! Find my thread here, or get your own egg.

Lots of characters who don't usual post in charloft_rpg are showing up—feel free to drop by if your character wishes to try their luck nomming Easter-eggs-with-magical-powers. ^_^

{Alice & the Dormouse both have threads.}

Oh My God! Look! It's Jackie Chan!
[Jackie Chan walks in looking completely confused. He swear he was trying to look for Jade, who gotten herself into trouble... Again. Jackie Chan, is taking in his surroundings, and is at a complete loss.]

This place is run by... Penguins... ?

Oooo! What's that over there? 8D
Boingy~! Boingy~!
[Pinkie Pie has never been into the House of Mouse before. But boy, is she excited to explore new places! Including this one! So this pink little pony bounced into the House, looking all happy.]

Oh! WOW! Look at this place! There's so many streamers, and lights and OOOOOO!

Look at all the PENGUINS!!!

[Waves to every single one that passes by.]

Oh Hello Mr. Penguin! Hello Mr. Penguin! Hello Mr.-OPPSEY I mean, MRS. Penguin.

Ohooooh! Boy! This is so exciting!

[Max is practicing some of his tricks on a skate ramp that Mickey had built for him behind the House of Mouse building.]

Valentine's Day
Minnie Is My Valentine
Hi there everybody! It's Valentine's Day at the House of Mouse!

So grab your sweetie and give 'em a snug. Maybe even a smooch, because today is the best day to do it. And even if you don't have a Valentine, look out, because there's a chance Cupid may catch up to ya! Remember to try the delicious chocolates we have out, and if you want to try a dance. We have the floor open for you to serenade your love to sweet melodies we're going to be playing tonight!

The Power of Love!Collapse )

You Have Got to Be Kidding!
... I Hate You.
[Woody snoozed off during his shift, he figured it’d only be a short while. After all, he was busy writing some of the schedules and plans for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party. However as soon as he woke he found himself in quite a predicament.

He was hanging by his chord on one of the coat racks.

I-WHAT?! WHA-What is this?! Whaaa-?!

…Allllright, who did this? This isn’t funny! I gotta a lot to do and I-Argh! I can’t get down-Ugh!

[Is attempting to reach up and remove his chord off the rack. Failing miserably. DX]

Chasing Crickets
slimy...yet satisfying
[Simba looks under his paws for the cricket he was trying to pounce, and looks disappointed when he doesn't see it.]

{Trying out a possible new muse ...}
{A china teapot has mysteriously appeared on one of the tables. Curled inside is a Dormouse, quite asleep. She doesn't know how she got here, either. Of course, she isn't really thinking about that presently as she's asleep—and dreaming of things that begin with the letter 'B'. . . base-balls, buttercups, bundt cake, butterflies, berets, butter (the very best), bridges ... bluuuebiiirds ... beeeehiiivessszzzzzzzzz . . . . }

{{OOC: Because I've always been rather fond of the Dormouse & Alice!muse is trying to convince me it would be a good idea to play her as well. I've never played two characters at once. Or an animal, for that matter.}}


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